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A white dimpled ball is nestled on the turf, a player in full swing.
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This is such a familiar golfing scene that it takes a moment to realise there's something odd about it! Suddenly it registers, the ball is oval like a rugby ball and as you rapidly scan the rest of the image for an explanation, you see the goal posts in the distance; Then you smile.

GolfcrossWhen something we have been very familiar with all our lives is radically changed it's always unsettling. It challenges our secure view of the world and we instinctively dismiss what we're seeing as some kind of joke. We laugh, we shake our heads and then, in this crazy world, we move on.

This web site has been written in the hope that you'll stay a little longer. Stay and discover the secrets of the oval golf ball and the game of GolfCross®.

Nobody believes that the oval ball is more controllable than a round one - until they hit it.

Every player is amazed to discover that all the control properties they've ever wanted have been hiding in the oval ball all the time.

Not even world-class golf professionals were ready to accept that the ball is virtually impossible to hook or slice until they tried, discovered and were astonished by its properties.

It seems impossible that after 500 years since golf started that such a complementary game could still be invented that, although emulates the traditional game, can actually be more fun yet also more tactical than the original.

So why not read on, maybe you too can discover the wonders of GolfCross®.

People's Comments & Views

Richard Boxall, European Tour Winner & Sky Sports Presenter
"I actually felt a really good player again, like I used to be", "Whatever swing I put on it, it went straight", "Its absolutely fantastic, a great way to get people into golf",

"Anything that gets people into golf is a great start and I'm all for it",
"You must have a go - Its great fun"

"Whatever sort of swing you put on the ball, whatever you put on it, this ball will go absolutely dead straight", "The only way I can get this ball to fade, to move left to right in the air is to tee it up in that direction", "I'm not trying to slice it, I'll put a normal swing on it and this will move from left to right - Quite Incredible"

"Another option for one of those days when it's really windy and you want the ball to penetrate through the air is to give it the Johnny Wilkinson special"

Greg Turner, Four times winner on the European Tour
"GolfCross is the same game but with a less physical element and a much greater thinking element than golf itself. It employs most of the same skills, it just tweaks more than anything the degree of each of those skills. I can't see why anybody who played golf at all, who could hit a ball at all, wouldn't come out here and have a lot of fun".

Jamie Salmon, England & NZ All Blacks Rugby International
"What a super game GolfCross is. It's a game anybody can play, whatever age whatever standard"

Nick Bayly, Golf Monthly Equipment Editor
"They do go straight even if you put a big slice or hook on the ball. The most startling thing is the noise. They hum in the air as though they are singing".

Reon Sayer, Golf Professional
"It was brilliant, very enjoyable-a complete breakaway from golf and great fun".

Kent Gray, Sports Writer
"It works. First shot, straight. Second shot straight. And again-and again. Out with the driver, the one club guaranteed to send my egg towards some trees or water or out of bounds. You guessed it-down the middle".

Stuart Thompson, Golf Professional
"The enjoyment will be far greater for the average player. It's not going to take over golf but it will make it enjoyable for more people".

Duncan Mackenzie, GolfCross Course Owner
"We looked at it fairly sceptically for a start but we played with the ball, which has been in great secrecy for many years, and found how adaptable it was and how forgiving it was for a golfer who is not a three handicapper. It's going to be a great diversion for golfers".

Gina Scott, Golf Professional, European Tour Winner
"It's a lot easier than you would think."

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